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Podcast Interview by Frostbite Media

I was intervied for a podcast for Listen to the podcast: GNUGuitarINUX podcast for frostbitemedia by todoesverso or: I’d like to thank Jonathan Nadeau for showing interest in GNUGuitarINUX and his contribution to the FLOSS world

Configure GNUGuitarINUX live USB with extra partitions

Thanks very much to Trasiblo Martins Araújo for creating this video!!!  TorresForte!

Boot GNUGuitarINUX from a pen drive

For those of you already running any flavor of GNU/Linux you can create a booteable pen drive by doing: sudo dd if=gnuguitarinux-1.0.iso of=/dev/sdX # X is your thumb drive   For those of you running windows, you can use “Win32 Disk Imager” available here. You will need to rename the iso file to gnuguitarinux-1.0.img and [...]

I’ve decided for WordPress

After struggling with many kind of CMS and blogs and stuff I{ve dicided to use WordPress. Let’s hope it fits my expectations.

GNUGuitarINUX is a GNU/Linux Live CD with a Realtime kernel aiming to be used as an electric guitar pedal effect and music production